FREEDOM. Jens Thomas solo.
"... he sings a ballad, with absolute devotion, it's one of those moments when someone spits a piece of his soul onto the stage." WELT AM SONNTAG
The artwork in the museum has a frame. Music needs a style, concerts have a genre. Really?
The singer-songwriter and improvisational artist Jens Thomas thinks differently. To seize him will hardly succeed. Since several years, the award-winning musician (including SWR Jazz Award, International Jazz Award Nuremberg, Artist Award Lower Saxony) is touring with the actor Matthias Brandt in various „word-music-collages“ programs. In his solo concerts, the "Jimi Hendrix of the piano" (KÖLNER STADTANZEIGER) seeks the connection, the opening. He is letting his audience come in. Into the deep. With humor and virtuosity. In the back and forth between his songs and improvisations, between performance and dialogue, he finds himself and at the same time: you.
"He plays half symphonies. Thomas can drum and play the piano with his left hand, singing of affection and self-confidence. He sings? Oh well: Thomas outshines every second vocal artist with octave range, falsetto and overtone singing." HANNOVERSCHE ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG
Matthias Brandt and Jens Thomas dedicate their new project to the work and the complex personality of composer Robert Schumann. His psychic instability, the recurrent depressive episodes and states of "utter nervous exhaustion," the obsession with being insane- all of this is undoubtedly reflected in Schumann`s music. Matthias Brandt and Jens Thomas, who in the last years celebrated remarkable successes with "Psycho - Fantasy of cold horror" and "Life - Space Patrol & Memory Boy", stage this phenomenon in an individually designed collage of word and improvised music. Nothing seems to be fixed or routinely rehearsed on these evenings. While Brandt lets the audience's nerves vibrate, Thomas improvises on the piano and sings own songs as well as interpretations of songs by Robert Schumann - a fascinating game of text and sound that juggles with the emotional depths of the character.
"Jens Thomas sends haunting overtone oscillations and ethereal falsetto into the dark stage, he sings and plays Heine (whose poems Schumann had not only set to music, but with which he also shares the same year of death), plays lyrical, tender, dramatic, upset. Thomas thus creates a music, a soundscape that reaches for Brandt's words with almost physical intensity, wrestling and suffering with them, and wraps them around for one last, sadly sad dance." MANNHEIMER MORGEN
"A great, a sad evening." ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG MAINZ
MATTHIAS BRANDT & JENS THOMAS. PSYCHO. Fantasy of cold horror.
Actor Matthias Brandt and musician Jens Thomas reinterpret the cinematic work of the century together on stage. Brandt uses elements from the book and Thomas improvises a soundtrack to Brandt's staged reading. The fantasy about cold horror is not fixed and routinely rehearsed. The performance rather lives on the intense, spontaneous interaction between the two artists.
„Jens Thomas and Matthias Brandt created in the improvisation with text and sound a very dense, immensely individually designed scenario, a space filled only with fantasy, sound and imagination, while an occasionally quiet ironic overtone was not a denial, but enriching effect.“ FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU 
"It is remarkable how Brandt and Thomas draw the attention of the audience and how directly it thereby experiences the horror of this night.“ GÖTTINGER TAGEBLATT